Sunday, 14 October 2012

mid-October 2012 press round-up

Arts chief admits problem
Phil Miller - Herald, Arts Correspondent, SATURDAY 13 OCTOBER 2012
The chairman of Scotland's national arts funding body admitted in a conciliatory letter it has a major problem in its dealing with artists.

A misguided letter from our 'leading' artists and writers
Kenneth Roy - Scottish Review, 11 October 2012

Leading artists demand urgent talks with Creative Scotland over funding
Phil Miller - Herald, Arts Correspondent, THURSDAY 11 OCTOBER 201
Scotland's leading artists have demanded urgent talks with the country's arts funding organisation after more than 200 names were added to a letter condemning the quango

Culture Secretary tells Creative Scotland to sort out criticisms
BRIAN FERGUSON - Scotsman, Thursday 11 October 2012
SCOTLAND’S culture secretary has demanded her flagship arts quango sort out mounting criticisms of the way it is being run - the day after its chief executive vowed he would not be stepping down.

No accounting for finance hypocrisy
Robin McAlpine - Reid Foundation, Oct 10, 2012
It’s not just that Sir Sandy Crombie is so utterly ridiculous in his defence of Creative Scotland, its that he reveals the utter hypocrisy at the heart of public police in Britain

Head of Creative Scotland refuses to quit
Under fire: Chief executive Andrew Dixon
BRIAN FERGUSON - Scotsman, Wednesday 10 October 2012
THE chief executive of ­Creative Scotland has vowed to remain in the job despite the ­barrage of criticism levelled at his ­organisation.

Leading artists unite to condemn funding body
Phil Miller - Herald, Arts Correspondent, TUESDAY 9 OCTOBER 2012
MORE than 100 leading artists have called for a radical shake-up of Scotland's art funding body in an unprecedented letter.

‘Damaged at the heart’: artists pull no punches over Creative Scotland
BRIAN FERGUSON - Scotsman, Tuesday 9 October 2012
A HUNDRED of Scotland’s leading artists have launched an out-spoken attack against the government agency in charge of the cultural sector.

Rift deepens between Scottish artists and Creative Scotland, as despairing open letter is published
Charlotte Higgins on culture blog - Guardian, Tuesday 9 October 2012
A hundred names from the Scottish arts establishment – including Ian Rankin, Douglas Gordon and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies – have expressed their dismay at Creative Scotland's policies with a heartfelt open letter

Artists plan mass meetings amid concern over Creative Scotland
Phil Miller - Arts Correspondent, The Herald, WEDNESDAY 3 OCTOBER 2012 
SCOTLAND’S artists are to stage mass meetings in Edinburgh and Glasgow next month after disquiet over the policies of Creative Scotland, the national arts funding body.

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