Wednesday, 30 May 2012


"Damning statistics have also just emerged in Britain to haunt culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, who in December 2010 announced a 'Year of Corporate Giving' that would have businesses and individuals queueing to plug the holes in government arts funding. With new initiatives to boost philanthropy, it was going to revive arts organisations and increase legacy-giving to the point where Britain would be the first place in the world where it was standard to leave 10% of one's wealth to charity. Or so the silly Hunt hoped. Twelve months on, the new Arts Index reveals that, since 2007, giving by business dropped 17%, with individual giving down 13%. These figures don't even include the 2011 totals, when it is clear things only got worse." 
(Private Eye, No. 1305, 13 Jan-26 Jan 2012) 

 "…But looking under the skin of these figures, what's the prognosis? In the three years measured by this first Arts Index, business contributions are down 17%. Private giving is down 13%. Public funding to the end of 2009/10 stayed level. Next year's index, to be published in April, will take us to 2011 and see a cut of 5% in Arts Council and 28% in local government funding in England. Some authorities, like Somerset, have cut their arts budget by 100%. …" 


THE UK ARTS INDEX - produced by the National Campaign for the Arts (Project Research Manager: Anatole Baboukhian, NCA), compiled by Audiences London in partnership with Audiences UK (Report Authors: Richard Turpin, Daniel Cowley, Anne Torreggiani), and Peer Reviewed by Orian Brook, School of Management, University of St Andrews. 

5. Business Contributions to the arts per person - Arts & Business: 
6. Trust and Foundation Contributions to the arts per person - Arts & Business: 
7. Individual Giving to the arts per person - Arts & Business: 
[Now at 'Arts & Business - Private investment in culture 2009/10: What next for the arts?' (pp12-14): ]

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