Thursday, 22 December 2011

oh, cuts after all

Beyond being fed misleading and rapidly dating headlines - e.g. 'Creative Scotland offers a positive story' (to be fair, Bonnar hedged CS's figures as 'projections') - reality bites...:

Fears as £7m arts fund axed
Herald, Phil Miller, FRIDAY 9 DECEMBER 2011
...Mr Dixon said: “We are moving to a new approach where we value these organisations within an investment portfolio. There will be Foundation organisations, and those we invest in annually – who are key to their sector – but the majority will be project companies and they will be able to do things on their own terms. They will be able to bid into our lottery and investment programmes, and we also hope they will be able to deliver some of our Strategic Commissions,” he said.
“There are some sectors that are feeling challenged by this. There will always be organisations who are concerned about change, or perhaps are not being realistic about the fact that there is change in public sector finance, and Creative Scotland come in as an organisation and is determined to be strategic and get value out of its investment.”
One concerned source said: “The biggest problem has been the lack of clarity. We do not know whether we will have to shift to project funding or any other kind of fund.”
Troubled arts body used charity cash to plug deficit
Oct 5 2011 by Craig Robertson, Dumfries Standard Wednesday
... charity cash was used to plug a black hole in the finances of a collapsed arts group…Problems started last October when the Scottish Government funding body, Creative Scotland, told the organisation they would no longer be provided with £200,000 of annual core funding...
It's also worth remembering that of the 139 applications deemed eligible for FXO funding in 2011, 60 received it.

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