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Setting the tone for 'Strategic Commissioning'

"Before we move to the commissioning model, there will be a rolling programme of reviews, with the sectors involved playing a key role, to inform our needs for different sectors. The process for commissioning will be introduced in stages with selected delivery partners replacing FXOs as each franchise becomes operational. This would start in 2011 with reviews of performing arts, visual arts and crafts. It will be followed in 2012 with reviews of film, digital media and festivals. In 2013 we will review literature agencies, publishing and equalities."
Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive of Creative Scotland

So where are we as of October 2011 - assuming there hasn't already been a significant shift to a 'commissioning model' in practice?
Economic Impact Study - Invitation to Tender
Creative Scotland is looking for organisations or consultants to undertake an economic impact study examining the contribution made to the Scottish economy by the arts and creative industries. We are seeking to appoint contractors with high-level skills in economic analysis and expertise in the area of economics and the arts and creative industries.
Closing Date: 12pm Friday 14 October 2011

Economic Impact Study Tender Brief
Project Specification
1. Introduction

1.1 Creative Scotland was formed in 2010 through the merger of the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen, with a remit to work across the arts, culture, film, TV and the creative industries. Our vision is for a nation where the arts and the creative industries (A&CI) are supported and celebrated and their economic contribution fully captured. Our Corporate Plan 2011-2014 was published in April 2011.

1.2 We seek to develop policies and activities that will enhance the economic contribution of the A&CI. In our plan we also identify a series of aspirations based on a ten year horizon to 2020. One of these aspirations is for the cultural economy in Scotland to exceed the UK average and contribute to sustainable economic growth. In this way our work contributes to National Outcome 2 of the National Performance Framework: ensuring Scotland realises its full economic potential, with more and better employment opportunities for our people.

1.3 To achieve these goals we work closely with arts organisations, skills agencies, funding councils, local authorities and business gateways. Importantly, we chair the coordinating group of the Scottish Creative Industries Partnership (SCIP), working closely with the Scottish Government, enterprise agencies and other key partners.

1.4 In order to support decision-making and planning, it is essential that Creative Scotland and our partners have access to robust information about the scale and nature of the contribution of the A&CI to the wider Scottish economy. We are now undertaking a programme of research to capture and develop, on an ongoing basis, a nation-wide understanding of the economic impact of the A&CI.
Download the full brief here:
Creative Scotland Research
Scoping Study into the Economic Impact of the Arts and Creative Industries in Scotland
September 2011

EKOS Economic Impact Scoping Study

Creative Scotland seeks to develop policies that will enhance the economic contribution of the Arts and Creative Industries. We commissioned a scoping study to review existing impact studies, scope the extent and quality of available data and recommend an approach for conducting a Scotland-wide economic impact study (EIS). This study was undertaken by EKOS Limited; they set out what is achievable through an EIS of Scotland’s arts and creative industries and how best to gather information that can be easily replicated by sector bodies.

EKOS Economic Impact Scoping Study (pdf)

EKOS Economic Impact Scoping Study (doc)
ekos - Economic and Social Development

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