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From Funding To Franchise (Workshop)

From Funding To Franchise (Workshop)
25 June 2011, Transmission Gallery

What does the end of Flexible Funding mean for artist-run spaces in Scotland?
In 2013, Creative Scotland's Flexible Funding stream, which currently makes up a large proportion of Transmission's annual budget, will be scrapped and replaced with 'strategic commissioning'.
The spring 2011 issue of Variant contains an interview with Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive of Creative Scotland, where he expands on his recently unveiled Corporate Plan. Importantly, for Transmission as a ‘flexibly funded’ artist-run space, and with serious implications for all other self-organised groups sustained by public funding, he states:
"What we will do is take a more strategic look at the sort of whole cultural ecology. So we’ve had a programme called Flexible Funding, funding a lot of galleries and a lot of theatre companies… We’re going to get rid of that programme… We are very committed to what we are supporting but we are going to get rid of it in two years time. … Before we move to the commissioning model, there will be a rolling programme of reviews, with the sectors involved playing a key role, to inform our needs for different sectors."
This workshop facilitated by Variant / The Strickland Distribution will explore issues arising from the interview for collective self-institutional endeavours (artist-run, artist-led, self-organised) with their specific lexicon of practice. This workshop is an opportunity for Transmission members to learn more about the changes, enabling the organisation as a whole to more fully engage in the review process of Creative Scotland's proposals.

Read the full interview with Andrew Dixon here:
Creative Scotland’s Corporate Plan is available here:

The workshop was broken down into 3 main themes identified as emerging from the interview with Creative Scotland’s Andrew Dixon which we believe to be of importance to FXOs (Flexibly Funded Organisations) and their members.

These broad themes are:
Ecology - presentation (notes):
Rent ('place) - presentation (notes):
Rent ('creative financing') - presentation (notes):
Reviews - presentation (notes):

Each section was introduced by a short sound clip from the Andrew Dixon interview. Followed by a short 15mins presentation outlining the theme, which was intended to inform the following small group facilitated discussions.

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