Monday, 3 October 2011


September 2011: After all those other upbeat-compared-to-England 'reports' on cuts which chose to ignore the pre-arranged year's delay between Salmond and Cameron, Creative Scotland's architect of choice, Anne Bonnar, comments on the still further cuts - Creative Scotland being a cut in the first instance - now likely to be to 'strategic commissioning' (existing FXOs):

For the keep-calm-and-carry-on version, see:

March 2011: "...This fundamental shift means that more than 50% of the organisations funded by the Scottish Arts Council are in a pool which will vanish. Currently £18.2m is provided to 51 Foundation Organisations and £8m is provided to 60 Flexibly Funded Organisationsand this category will disappear to be replaced by strategic commissioning. This is bound to cause alarm..."

November 2010: "There are many significant differences between both the budgets and the politics of Scotland and England as well as the cultural dimensions. The most important aspect regarding funding for culture in today's budget is that this is a one year holding budget from the SNP minority administration before next May's election. Another is that we have been spared the public flogging of the Arts Council of England because we have already taken the pain of abolishing the Scottish Arts Council in the course of establishing the more streamlined agency Creative Scotland. But the overall cut to the culture budget is 10% which is higher than the 6.9% John Swinney cited as the standard cut applied to non ring-fenced services. So its the next instalments which will shape the story." (annebonnar)

July 2010: "...More than 50 of Scotland's best-known arts organisations ... face deep cuts in their grants from the new government arts agency, Creative Scotland."

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