Saturday, 23 October 2010

lies, damn lies, and policy-led research

"…part of the role of finance — once you see it in terms of capitalism — is to discipline and restructure the so-called real economy. It's been fundamental to that, imposing discipline on every factory to be more competitive or finance will go somewhere else, to reallocate capital across several sectors, venture capital, but much more generally. So finance has been fundamental to that.'ve seen a powerful commodification of things that used to be seen as part the Commons. Part of what government provides has been privatized as sources of accumulation.
The real problem we have is that all this restructuring has gone on and workers have basically been pretty passive victims. They've accepted this. They haven't in any way been acting as a barrier in terms of putting other social goals or social values on the agenda. And that's allowed capitalism to restructure at will." [LINK]
Mission Models Money with Shetland Arts, Creative Scotland and Hi- Arts
Feasibility study into mechanisms for supporting small-scale creative activity in Scotland
BOP Consulting October 2010
"... the evidence of demand [sic] suggests a need to introduce other new forms of financing the arts."

Variant wrote to Gwilym Gibbons (Director, Shetland Arts Development Agency / Creative Scotland, Board member) in August: asking "...that this survey is closed down because it is gathering evidence in line with a well rehearsed political agenda. It is not investigating the broader issues in keeping with the arms length principle and the public interest which that principle is meant to protect." Read the full exchange here:

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For those advocating the expansion of a debt market - spun as 'providing finance for third-sector organisations for a return on investments':

Charities' debts worth over £500m and rising as donations dry up
Thinktank warns charities of risks associated with turning to lenders to counter drop-off in traditional fundraising income
Robert Booth, Tuesday 22 November 2011

"…[Lib Dem peer & adviser to Nick Clegg on civil society affairs] Sir Stephen Bubb, the chairman of Social Investment Business - which was set up in 2009 and has loaned £300m to charities - said having to repay a loan made charities more efficient and focused than if they are gifted money. …"

Social Investment Business

Bubb is also Chair of the Board of The Adventure Capital Fund:

And Chief Executive of ACEVO - Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations: