Tuesday, 5 October 2010

consuming the corpse

The final curtain?
Kenneth Roy
What is this organisation about?
Incensed by the rejection of his application for financial support for a new project, a well-known figure in the Scottish arts and media wrote to the chief executive of Creative Scotland, the successor to the Scottish Arts Council, and said that he intended to apply again – on a 'near-weekly basis' if necessary. He received the following email in reply:
'I am sorry that you didn't find my answer convincing but perhaps you misunderstand that we will not be a funding body in the old sense of the Arts Council but a strategic body. There will no no point in making multiple applications to us as we will be working more strategically with others agencies.'

A rump of numpties
Two views of Creative Scotland
Alison Prince

Last of the big spenders
Kenneth Roy
After last Thursday's piece about the new quango which intends to introduce the laws of the market to the funding of the arts and literature, Scotland on Sunday called to share some startling news about Creative Scotland's logo, described here as 'wretched'.

"...These days, she warns, nobody should assume they will get a grant just because they had a grant before. 'Any arts body should have a board guiding it to think about contingencies. The severity of cuts might mean the demise of some organisations and that would be very sad. There again, others might be in a better position to trim their programmes and still keep going, even expand creatively'.”
“I’m not one of the bad ones, so why should I deny that I’m a banker?”
Susan Rice is an enthusiastic patron of the arts.
FACE TO FACE: Susan Rice interviewed by Anne Simpson, 15 Aug 2010

Should Creative Scotland be in the business of creating profit from culture?
September 21, 2010 by Pat Kane
"However much Creative Scotland wants to develop its role as a rights-sharing venture capitalist – and there may be some small scope for exploration there, either actively or as a broker – they must still recognise their ultimate function: as the organisation that allows creative imaginations to lift free from the usual pressure of consumer or investor expectations."

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