Thursday, 11 March 2010

No taxation without representation

Creative Scotland / Alba Chruthachail : "encouraging and supporting artistic and other creative endeavours which contribute to an understanding of Scotland’s national culture in its broad sense as a way of life"
Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill (Ex)
Stage 3 (debate, meeting of the Parliament) Thursday 25 March 2010
Amendments should be lodged by 4.30 pm on Friday 19 March with the clerks to the Finance Committee

Write to your MSP before Friday 19 March:
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I am emailing you as a constituent. As my MSP, I am asking you to vote against proposals to establish Creative Scotland, and for the universal pursuit of cultural rights in Scotland.

Reforms of cultural provision may be long overdue, but Creative Scotland has wider-reaching implications than the supercession of Scottish Screen and The Scottish Arts Council.

Creative Scotland solicits a fundamental change of a key aspect of democratic society. It would escalate risk and debt and restrict public discourse along narrow ideological lines. This change has significant implications for the many ways in which knowledge is currently produced and communicated in Scotland.

The unintended consequences of this shift towards an entrepreneurial ideology in the public provision of culture have not been properly investigated. Such fundamental research was not undertaken. Yet marketplace “truths” require far greater scrutiny, as has been amply demonstrated by the financial crisis.

I ask you vote against the establishment of Creative Scotland, and for fulfilling UNESCO treaty commitments towards a diversity of cultural expression in Scotland.