Wednesday, 7 January 2009

440 sign letter opposed to Creative Scotland

Many thanks to all who have signed the letter to MSPs in a collective expression of concern over the proposals for Creative Scotland.

The letter, signed by 440 individuals in total over the winter break, urging MSPs to withdraw their support for Creative Scotland, was sent out to MSPs in hard copy to arrive on Monday 5th January 2009.

The letter was written following the artist-led public meeting in Glasgow on 10th December 2008, collating artists' concerns expressed at this meeting, which have been forming over a considerable period of time. Concurring with a majority of the points raised in the letter, individuals have registered their affirmation.

As explained in the letter, the opposition to Creative Scotland is comprehensive, and a collective response has been instigated due to a serious loss of confidence in the Government's will and ability to communicate with artists in Scotland. As is evidenced in the letter, there is an overwhelming sense of frustration at the lack on meaningful consultation, as successive governments have systematically ignored the artists at the heart of cultural life in this country.

We have been in communication with a number of MSPs and extensive press and media contacts, and will be awaiting a prompt response once the letter has been received

Best wishes
Guyan Porter, Leigh French

A PDF of the signed letter is available here:

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